The electronic cigarette is a safer device, compared to the ordinary cigarette. The simple reason is that is does not burn anything. The “combustion” process is replaced by heating one: the nicotine solution is heated so as to be vaporized and inhaled. There are no small coals, no risk to burn your cloths or to make a fire. However, electronic cigarette safety requires you to have in mind some basic rules:

    Be careful with the chargers. E-cigarettes use two types of chargers: wall chargers and USB chargers. When using a USB charger, assure that the e-cigarette stays on a solid surface and it is firmly supported. There are chargers with cords, which are possible to be placed on the top of a stationary computer or on the table. In such a case avoid that the cable dangles, which is not good for the USB port.
    Avoid contact with water. There are many situations when your electronic cigarette may get wet. In this case don’t use it before it completely dries. You may help the process by detaching the cartomizer or the cartridge (depending on the type of your cigarette). Place it on a paper towel and let it dry out. Do not use the smoking gadget under the shower or in a swimming pool.
    Dangerous for children! The nicotine liquid is very dangerous for children and pets. It can be even a poison. Be especially careful when using electronic cigarettes with refilling cartridges and atomizer. In such a case you have bottles with e-liquid at home. Keep them in very safety place, which cannot be reached by children and animals. The temperature is also very important, as the containers with liquid nicotine have to be kept in a cool place.
    Unwanted switch on. To increase the electronic cigarette safety an activation system is incorporated in it, which turns on the device when you drag on it. This way the cigarette may not be turn on when it stays in your pocket or bag. However, experiments have shown that an e-cigarette may be switched on when you expose your hand with the cigarette out of the window of a moving car. The air flow against the motion can provoke unwanted turn on. In any case you feel that your electronic cigarette is warm without drawing on it, you may switch it off by detaching the cartomizer. Than give some taps on a solid surface and the switch will be reset.