Do you know how fast electronic gadgets are developing? Do you think you will get pleasure from smoking electronic cigarettes? No? You are wrong, there are so many people, who have tried it and are perfectly satisfied! Actually, this device is invented to simulate all the pleasures you can have from real cigarettes. What you will lose are the health risks, but no one will complain about this…

The cigarettes of the new century are made so as to give your body the nicotine, which is needed by your tissues after long time of smoking of real cigarettes. However, this is a new “receipt”: the cigarette uses a vaporized solution, which contains nicotine, but there is neither tar, nor other products, which can be related with cancer and other diseases. The “healthy” cigarette does not burn tobacco, therefore there are no carcinogens, which are associated with tobacco burning. Many smokers actually do not know, that the nicotine itself is not a carcinogen.

The electronic cigarette will give you all you need to feel comfortable as a smoker: the new gadget is designed as a real cigarette and gives you the same sensation. You can feel the nicotine in few seconds, due to the fast effect of the vaporized solution. Another good thing is that you may control the nicotine dosage from very high to low level, depending on your personal needs and the sensation in the moment. At the same time the nasty smell of tobacco, which is associated with its burning, will absolutely disappear, so you and people around you will fill better.

You may start using this absolutely new tool for smoking immediately: there is no need to prepare yourself physically or mentally. This is not a process of quit smoking: you will continue smoking, but on a new, healthier manner. If you buy the cigarette as a part of a starter set, you will get everything you need for your future pleasure as a modern smoker: the cigarette itself, battery and a charger for it, cart ages and the liquid for them.

If you are a newbie, we suggest you to go for such a kit, and just after getting some experience, to look for another options and better solutions for your particular taste and habits. There are many brands on the market and it is difficult to assess, which is the best for you if you haven’t try any. In any case it is cheaper to purchase a starter kit than to collect all necessary devices one by one.